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On December 2, 1971, the UAE was formed and gradually established itself as a global investment and tourism hub. It has transformed into a modern state with high living standards and vital economic players. Investor-friendly policies in the UAE provide the best amenities and infrastructure to foreign investors. Furthermore, the pro-business environment makes it more attractive for lucrative investment opportunities.

Start, relocate, and grow

We are your gateway to growth and success! We provide exclusive benefits, multiple-year packages, lease agreements, and business activities. We are flexible and have no shortage of support to give clarity and direction to entrepreneurs. As a member of Green Aventurine, you can call on the experience of other members for guidance. You can win funding from top investors only by entering competitions and events. We help you raise your business profile by providing specialist business services, office space, and logistics.

We have a rich source of expertise that covers the gamut of business in the UAE.

We help you partner with global brands. You can grow your business with our all-in-one prospecting solution powered by Green Aventurine under the patronage of the royal figure of Dubai, Shaikha Khalifa, who is also the chairperson of Green Aventurine.

Green Aventurine consolidates business offerings under one platform to create an integrated system that offers end-to-end solutions under a single window. We are committed to helping business owners start, manage, and grow their start-ups with peace of mind. We assist them with legal and regulatory requirements and encourage them to be a partner throughout their business life cycle. We support them at every stage to make sure they are amenable and can prosper. We reduce the liability of the business owners.

We connect them to the right partner as well as the right store. We let them use our licensing, our shipping, and our office. So it enhances the whole process as we give them a quick boost. We work together with them and introduce them to the UAE and GCC. For those who want to start up their businesses in the UAE, Green Aventurine assures full support and ties up with them on different terms and conditions that will help elevate and promote the business.

Knowledge Wealth Management

Suppose you have a successful business in other parts of the world and wish to expand your operations in the UAE. In that case, we will help you accelerate the process from a few years to just a few months through our subsidiary, Knowledge Wealth Management (KWM). From handling logistics, supply chain, and other operational aspects to registering your company in the UAE and acquiring all the required licenses and legal formalities, we enable end-to-end business setup.

Green Aventurine—the answer to all your business needs

We are customer-friendly and dynamic in our approach. We focus on individual clients.

We are always available to assist you in starting your journey of launching any business from anywhere in the world. You can avail our business setup service, which provides tailored packages

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