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Real Estate

Green Aventurine is present in real estate through its group company, Executive Realty.

Executive Realty provides a hand-picked selection of numerous properties. We listen to your preferences and meet your every taste and need. In the real estate industry, Executive Realty is the vanguard that gives you superior assistance and unites you with some of the best properties on the market. Our tailor-made comprehensive guide is ready to provide quality services according to your investment objectives. As a herald of new beginnings, you can invest in the market’s most coveted houses with end-to-end customer services. We have great options for wise investors to experience the ultimate city living. With its team of professionals, Executive Realty is always at your disposal to show you the most recent developments in the real estate industry.

What we provide

  1. Profitable investments

    Your safe investments today can save you tomorrow! We help you find the perfect option for apartments, villas, and commercial units, and you can choose the investment type. We offer you the most convenient location to secure a place in the real estate market.

  2. Promising options

    Do you dream of owning a pied-à-terre with a beautiful view of the city lights through safe investments? Or are you looking for a property to reside in permanently? Then look no further, as you are on the right page! You will find your perfect apartment with us, whether you need sophisticated and elegant designs or eclectic and unconventional flats.

  3. Ideal location

    The best combination is a comfortable home in a convenient location! The better the area, the more stable the value. Choices vary from person to person and depend on personal requirements. With our team of professionals, we help you find unique real estate in a prime location with top-notch, ultra-luxurious amenities that will pamper you to the fullest.

Citizenship by Investment

According to a gazette published by the Turkish Government in September 2018, investing $400,000 can get you citizenship in Turkey with a Turkish passport in less than two months.

Exclusive Benefits of Investing Through Executive Realty

Real Estate Management

Most of the time, homeowners face issues related to property management services. Their primary concern is the protection and maintenance of their property. It is only possible to deal with some of these cases while away from the property. Thus, it safeguards the interests of its clients in the best possible way.

We are one of the fastest-growing property management companies in the UAE. We provide a hassle-free service by managing the properties on your behalf. We offer prompt and efficient maintenance, documentation, and security for your home during your unavailability.

Our goals

We are focused, committed, and consistent in providing innovative, modern, affordable housing solutions that will give you a safe place to live and invest.

We devote a significant amount of time to buying and selling a property. We have an extensive portfolio of properties and collaborators, and we rely on communication, along with honesty and integrity.

Apart from getting comprehensive, individual, and professional real estate advice, our client also gets processing and management of the real estate. We even assist our clients in applying for local financing.

In addition, we have our legal advisors who review the entire process, from signing the private contract to the buyer’s registration in the Property Registry.

Our goal is to inspire our clients about the UAE and Green Aventurine and to accompany them in their real estate projects.

Our values





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