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Your brand, Our guidance

You can create your own shoe brand from scratch. We assist you throughout the process, from concept and packaging to production. We also have additional support for customized medical shoes. We are experts in manufacturing genuine leather as well as vegan leather footwear.

Green Aventurine is one of the leading manufacturers of custom-made shoes in the fashion capital of the world, Dubai. We provide private-label manufacturing services. Since its inception in 2016, the owner and chairperson, Shaikha Khalifa, has been supervising the whole manufacturing process. Each pair of our shoes is custom-made according to your specifications, with the finest materials and quality.

Expert Team with the Right Contacts

We build the relationship between the consumer and the brand. Green Aventurine gives its customers the freedom and choice to create their dream shoes. We are passionate about combining substance and style to create premium-quality footwear with modern sensibilities and traditional craftsmanship. Our products are known for their quality, beauty, and appeal.

We have a team of expert cordwainers and shoe technicians available to help you convert your idea into a practical design. We create samples and prototypes and manufacture them as per your design. We will do the packaging and deliver the required volume and quantity while ensuring quality.

End-to-End Support

We assist everywhere, from vendor quoting to negotiation, shipping, and warehouse coordination.

We specialize in transforming an idea into a successful business in the GCC region—which usually takes years to establish—within a few short months.

We believe in the maxim, “Your success is our victory, and your victory is our success.”
Jan Jansen .

Connect with us today. Success awaits you!