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Dubai always embraces and incentivizes any traditional or online trading. It is anticipated that Dubai’s e-commerce business will be worth $17 billion by 2025. Green Aventurine has tied up with five integrated sales channels to give our clients valuable exposure. These platforms are Noon, Namshi, Amazon, 6th Street, and Ounass. Small and medium-sized businesses can sell and expand through these platforms. They are a comprehensive online marketplace where customers can find their favorite products and brands. They can also compare prices, read product reviews, and apply various filters to their searches for greater accuracy. These platforms give them the best deals. They respond to every query within a few minutes.

How it works :

Follow these three simple steps and register yourself with an e-commerce business in the UAE with the help of Green Aventurine.

  1. Registration

    If you have a product that you wish to establish in the UAE/GCC, you can register with us.

  2. Consulting

    We will guide you through the documentation, costs, licensing, logistics, supply chain, and end-to-end operations involved in the business.

  3. Operations

    Our advisor will support you on day-to-day operations. You can quickly establish a successful e-commerce business within a few months, which would otherwise take years.

Why us?

With green Aventurine Incorporating, your business in the UAE is smoother and more accessible as we work closely with government authorities. We ensure that entrepreneurs and organizations build their businesses in the proper jurisdiction and with the right company structure. We will quickly guide you through establishing your business through the proper channels, which usually takes a long time.

Green Aventurine can help you with the following:

What is an e-commerce platform?

Electronic commerce, or internet commerce, is a software that handles all the buying and selling of goods and services and gives a platform that helps evaluate the best options for the business. It is based on six major business models:

How to choose the best e-commerce in the UAE

Green Aventurine will guide you as you make your way through the sea of e-commerce companies in the UAE.
Pricing and payment

Some stores offer discounts, some have fixed prices, and some have EMI options. Others offer payment options like credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. However, most shoppers use credit cards for the convenience of buying goods.


Knowing the different website integrations that come with online marketing is essential. It is vital to understand how the platforms integrate and their benefits. E-commerce websites can offer various integration options like social media exposure, email marketing, and promotional offers. This way, ad revenue can also be increased, which will also accentuate traffic, as it will increase user engagement.

Reviews and Ratings

In e-commerce, the most significant factors are reviews and ratings. It makes the customers feel like they have the voice to provide valuable feedback, which, in turn, helps the company improve its products or services. Reviews increase brand trust, and ratings create transparency and accountability.


Choose the best platform for e-commerce according to the size and scope of the business. But still, security is the foremost thing to be considered. The most required level of security is the reputation or track record of the website, while the other one is the payment and fraud protection services offered by the website.

Different types of products you can sell on e-commerce




 Beauty and wellness



 Food and drinks

Green Aventurine helps deliver all the products seamlessly through online platforms all over the UAE and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). This is a list of countries that form part of the GCC:

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates