Our Leadership

H.H. Shaikha Jawaher Al Khalifa, a young royal figure of Bahrain, represents the perfect combination of entrepreneurial boldness and humanistic ideals. Creating opportunities for all strata of men and women, she chose to make a difference in the world at large through her multifaceted projects. An entrepreneur well-known for her investing skills and philanthropism, she has been a graceful model, especially for all generations of women, empowering them to act on their full potential.

Starting with the family office and estate management, she gradually made herself an essential figure in public relations and marketing through her experience and confidence. As a young investor herself, she aims to motivate and support the innovative minds of young entrepreneurs. Her goal is to create a shared space of inclusivity for sustainable asset management and business growth, with her utmost trust in the power of the young generations.   

Shaikha Jawaher Al Khalifa, now the Founder and Chairperson of Green Aventurine Holding, aims to build a conglomerate of nine different sectors while bringing together numerous startups across various geographies. She is also an executive team member of the European Women’s Association and continues to inspire young girls globally with her entrepreneurial ventures in various fields.